Monthly Giving

You may already give to Cure for Stroke Australia regularly – thank you!

Joining as a monthly giver is a wonderful way to provide consistent support to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment for stroke. You will be joining a dedicated group of monthly givers who are passionate about preventing stroke and improving the lives of people who have been touched by stroke through vital medical research and improved care.

When you decide to become a monthly giver to stroke, in addition to being a simple, easy process for you, it helps Cure for Stroke Australia reduce our administration costs. This is extremely important to us, as it helps focus our attention on the stroke research you are making possible! You will also receive a tax receipt each year to allow you to easily claim your donations as a tax deduction.

So how do you join? It’s easy! Choose your preferred method:

  • Register quickly and simply online now by clicking here.
  • Phone Bonnie Stewart, your Donor Relations Specialist on 08 7002 0855
  • Download, fill in and return the CFSA Monthly Giving Form to the address indicated on the form.

Please view the Direct Debit Service Agreement here.

Giving in Memory

Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things we ever have to go through. At Cure for Stroke Australia, we are honoured to provide a way for you to celebrate a loved one you have lost by giving to support improved stroke prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care, in their memory.

Tribute Funds

A meaningful way that you can choose to honour the memory of your loved one is by setting up a Tribute Fund in their name to support Cure for Stroke Australia.

Tribute Giving enables family and friends to make a lasting tribute in memory of a loved one by holding an annual memorial or making donations to support medical research that was important to them during their life. A tribute event to support stroke research can be anything from a get-together with family and friends, to an annual fundraising event in your community.

Every kind gift or donation to Cure for Stroke Australia makes a difference to vital medical research which is aimed at improving health and wellbeing for those we love. A Tribute Fund in the name of your loved one will enable the continuation of vital research to improve prevention, diagnosis, acute treatment and overcome disability following stroke for all Australians.

To find out more information contact us on 08 7002 0855 or

Memorial Gifts

Memorial gifts are a way of honouring the memory of a loved one and helping to support vital research into stroke prevention, diagnosis, acute treatment and care.

These types of donations can be arranged through any funeral home as part of the funeral planning service. This enables family and friends to make a lasting tribute to their life.

Funeral notices will need to include:
‘Donations in memory of………………….. may be made to Cure for Stroke Australia.

Memorial envelopes for the service can be requested through our office on 08 7002 0855 or by writing to Cure for Stroke Australia, or  Head Office 60 Woodville Road, Woodville SA 5011.
We will ensure that the family receives a written note of thanks and a summary of everyone who donated in memory of their lost loved one. Donors will also receive a letter of thanks and a receipt for their kind donation.

If you have any questions about giving in memory, our friendly team would welcome your call on 08 7002 0855.

Special Occasions

By asking for donations to vital stroke research in lieu of presents for your next special occasion you will be selflessly and generously supporting life-saving research. Whether it’s for your birthday, for Mother’s Day or even your wedding, you can raise significant funds for research by asking your friends and family to make a donation to Cure for Stroke Australia as a gift to you.

Direct them to the donate page and by selecting Special Occasion they can quickly and easily make a donation of however much they like to support health and medical research in your name.

If you have any questions please get in touch with us via or phone 08 7002 0855.