What is Workplace Giving

Workplace giving means you kindly choose to give part of your salary to vital stroke research each pay period. Supporting stroke research regularly through workplace giving means you are providing stable income for stroke research that will potentially save lives. The success of our program relies primarily on community support and it is with your help we will continue to improve the health and wellbeing of our community.

How to Get Started

If you are interested in your company setting up a workplace giving program designed to improve diagnosis, treatment, management and prevent stroke then please send us your HR Manager’s contact details via email or phone 08 7002 0855 and we would be pleased to contact them. We will let them know an employee has recommended us to become charity of choice and determine how salary donations will be made.

We will keep you updated on exactly how your donations have helped. You will be amazed just how far your donations go to help prevent future generations suffering from disease.

Tax Benefits

If you donate $5 from your pay before tax then you will get the tax benefit upfront rather than having to wait until tax time.

For more information on the tax benefits please visit the Australian Taxation Office’s website.

Workplace giving through Cure for Stroke Australia allows you to give to a cause close to your heart. Become a Workplace Giver today.

Benefits for Employer & Employees

Workplace Giving truly makes a significant impact on funding important stroke research projects. It provides stable and consistent funds so that the researchers can focus on their lifesaving research.

Research: We are involved with multiple areas of stroke research including diagnosis, treatment, management and prevention.

Transparency: We will provide a quarterly update with staff to show exactly how their donations have helped.

Flexibility: Staff can give a monthly or one-off donation and the company has the choice of offering a match system. This is where every dollar a staff member donates the Employer will match.

Team Building: A Workplace Giving program can create a bond between colleagues that inspires and unites with the common goal of helping to raise funds that prevent future generations suffering life threatening diseases.

If you choose to become a Workplace Giver you’ll be helping everyday people, just like you and your own family and friends live healthier lives. Read about some of the people whose lives have been changed through vital stroke research here.